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Crafted from a genuine nubuck leather in antique tan color, these ankle boots can be easily slipped on with ultimate comfort.


All of our shoes and boots are handcrafted from scratch upon ordering.  Hence, you may do special requests such as "extra large toe room" or "1 cm higher toe ceiling" etc.  If the requests require additional charges, we will email you and discuss our options.

bespoke shoes


Ankle Boots in Nubuck Leather

  • Elastic ankle boots can be easily worn without much trouble.  Stylish and elegant, these boots take no more than a couple seconds to slip in and out and get on with your day.


    All of our products are 100% handcrafted with genuine leathers so that they will last for years to come.  

  • If the shoes/boots do not fit the first try, we do offer free rectifications.  Just ship us back the shoes, and we will rectify the fit to your liking be it too tight in the toe area or laces too long/short.  


    We stand by our products 100%.  We will rectify the shoes however many times you wish for free, but all the shipping and duty fee charges will be responsible by the customer.  We know shipping back and forth can be a pain, that is why we do offer the first rectification shipping charge back for free.  If the shoes still do not fit or if you are still unsatisfied with our products, please ship the items back and we will give you the full refund upon receiving the products.